Birth list

To help your inner circle celebrate your child’s birth, we offer you the possibility to set up a birth list in our Brussels-based toy shop. By appointment, we welcome you and guide you with our expertise towards the toys, childcare and development items that will have your infant embrace their senses and imagination. Gathered on a birth list that is sent to you by email, these gifts are then made available to your family and friends, who can finalise their purchase in our shop. It is also possible for them to acquire a gift on your birth list simply by letting us know by email about the item of their choice.


Make an

Contact our shop to set up a convenient time to draw your birth list.


Draw your
birth list

Under our experts’ guidance, select the toys & childcare and decoration items that will make your list.


Send out
your list

Once finalised, your birth list is sent to you by email. You can then, in turn, send it out to your family and friends. The actual purchase of birth list items can be finalised in our shop or via email.



  • Arche d’activités
  • Petit tambour à tirer
  • Hochet d’activités
  • Dragon musical
  • Lapin doudou
  • Voiture en bois
  • Hochet sensoriel


  • Arche d’activités modulable
  • Eléphant à tirer
  • Cube d’activités en bois
  • Ours en peluche
  • Mobile montgolfières
  • Peluche crocodile patchwork


  • Peluche d’activités
  • Jeu d’empilement en bois
  • Veilleuse Murale décorative
  • Hochet en bois naturel
  • Lapin doudou
  • Arche d’activités
  • Hochet à grelot

Il est également possible de procéder aux achats sur liste de naissance en nous communiquant l’objet de votre choix par email.


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