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The toy shop first opened by Edmond Serneels and his wife in 1959 has grown big! Ideally located Place Stéphanie, our Brussels-based toy shop proudly stands next to some of the greatest labels in Brussels.

Illustration Serneels Avion
Illustration Serneels Sac à dos
Illustration Serneels Piramide
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Our history

A toy institution in Brussels


Toy shop
in Brussels

Stepping into our toy shop will surely make you feel like you’re lapsing into second childhood. Entering the world of Serneels means diving into a playful and magical imaginary world. In our toy shop set in the heart of Brussels, teddy bears, dolls, little trains, rocking horses, soldier figurines,…will invite you to dream. The guardian of a 60-year-old tradition, our House nurtures with passion the intrinsic joy of playing, be it for small or big children.

A personalised service

With the accuracy of the toy experts we are, we guide you towards the toys, the games, or even the playful or decoration items that will put a smile on their recipients’ face. Toy specialists for three generations, we’ve managed to entertain a safe taste for quality toys as well as a fierce passion for personalised service.

Quality that passes
the test of time

Our passion for wooden toys, passed on to us by founder Edmond Serneels, has never left us. Despite the evolution of the toy industry, we insist on prioritising sustainable toys made in Europe – when possible -, as well as noble materials such as wood.

Illustration Serneels Ourson
Illustration Serneels Mongolfière
Illustration Serneels Chateau
Illustration Serneels Fusée
Illustration Serneels Cube
Illustration Serneels Camion
Illustration Serneels Nuage
Illustration Serneels Nuage
Illustration Serneels Nuage
Illustration Serneels lettre
Serneels - Magasin de jouet à Bruxelles
For parents

Birth list

There’s nothing like an accurate selection of toys to surround your newborn child with the sweetness of a playful imaginary world. In our shop, we welcome all future parents by appointment to guide them towards the toys, childcare and decoration items that will enchant their infant’s days and nights and stimulate their senses from a very young age.


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